pursue happiness ... follow your bliss

Organic art, music, and words

Art direction and design,
music education and performance,
writing, storytelling, and creative thinking,
all at reasonable rates


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AWKWARD LABS proudly produces the following products and services:

A website devoted to the betterment of tabletop roleplaying and LARP.

A live action horror host show held at the Riverfront Theatre in Milford DE every October!
A story of discovery, exploration, and the love of learning.

Unique handmade musical instruments
from whimsical to weird
Coming soon!

31 short stories from Delaware's strangest town
Coming... eventually

Acoustic rock and roll for happy peppy people

I've told stories for groups large and small, both in character and out (including spooky Halloween stories as Mr. Moribund!)  If you'd like me to come tell stories for you, please give me as much advance notice as possible.

For over a decade, I've designed and painted stage sets for six different theatre companies and schools. Feast your eyes on some samples of my work here.

As well as the following sundry products and services:

Parts Unknown: A blog about unusual music and musical instruments
The Contemporary Quixotist: A blog about tabletop roleplaying games
Volunteer at Second Street Players in Milford, DE: Actor, director, and member of the Children's Theatre Committee
Ordained minister, performing unconventional marriage ceremonies for any interested parties